About The Experience Co.

Experience Co. is Travel Rethought. We design journeys & interventions for artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers & entrepreneurs. In the past, we have traveled with 100+ doers, creators and influencers.  Our projects are new-age conversation and collaboration spaces that bring influencers & movement creators together to connect, collaborate & create while traveling.


Creating Conversations & Collaborations between like-minded thinkers, doers & influencers.

Conversations that move mountains happen outside the comfort zone.

Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a way to meet like-minded thinkers.

We can do a lot by ourselves, we can do so much more with others.

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Bonding through cohabitation and shared experience.

Its true, when people indulge in experiences together, good or bad, they bond at a different level.




RTX is a generative travel experiment that brings creators from art, music, film, writing, design & photography together.

Imagine : 16 Freethinkers from different worlds, traveling through unexplored terrains, interacting with local tribes, discovering local cuisine and collaborating to create murals, paint boats, make new music, revive a Tsunami affected beachhouse with local communities.

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